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Want your best vacation ever? Head to the beach!

Mischa Barton
Picture of Mischa Barton at Listal

Jenna Pietersen
Picture of Jenna Pietersen at Listal

Fernanda Prada
Picture of Fernanda Prada at Listal

Julie Ordon
Picture of Julie Ordon at Listal

Jordana Brewster
Picture of Jordana Brewster at Listal

Louise Bourgoin
Picture of Louise Bourgoin at Listal

Rebecca Romijn
Picture of Rebecca Romijn at Listal

Maria Gregersen
Picture of Maria Gregersen at Listal

Zoe Duchesne
Picture of Zoe Duchesne at Listal

Kathy Ireland
Picture of Kathy Ireland at Listal

Jessica Perez
Picture of Jessica Perez at Listal

Maria Sharapova
Picture of Maria Sharapova at Listal

Molly Sims
Picture of Molly Sims at Listal

Dominique Piek
Picture of Dominique Piek at Listal

Katja Lukin
Picture of Katja Lukin at Listal

Deanna Miller
Picture of Deanna Miller at Listal

Daniela Pestova
Picture of Daniela Pestova at Listal

Do you ever wish you could look better at the beach? Start getting in shape - fast!

Elle Metni
Picture of Elle Metni at Listal


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